Zoe & Matthias's wedding at Harvest Moon

08th May 2017
Zoe & Matthias had their pre-wedding shoot last year, so it seemed sooooo long ago that I'd last saw either of them, so I was looking forward to hooking up with them at Harvest Moon, the glamping site and home to many weddings now - usually for the outdoorsy/adventurous types - but amazing views.
Every time we've shot wedding photography at Harvest Moon we've came away with stunning photos.

I was supposed to be on a rough schedule of 12-8pm, but when Matthias called me on Friday night overly worrying about daft wee technical problems - I did my best to tell him to forget it, he'd have an amazing wedding regardless of microphones, speakers and the likes... but seeing as he was worried, I dug out some spare computer gear for him and arrived on site almost 2 hours early.
It was more to reassure Matthias than anything else. He was just obsessed about getting everything perfect.
Maybe because Zoe had put around 100 hours into folding hundreds of paper cranes for the love arch he was wanting to get his duties covered just as precisely :)

It was a 12pm ceremony so before we knew it, everyone was on the beach and Zoe, dad and bridesmaids were making their way over the dunes.
A lovely ceremony took place as I hovered my way around the guests , trying to avoid the family photographers who were like snipers with their big telephoto lenses on, taking the high ground for a clean shot of the couple.
A couple of times I had to give a wee head wave "get oot the way" kind of thing, and they kindly obliged. All part of modern day weddings I'm afraid.

Zoe & Matthias wedding at Harvest Moon - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

I must remember to take my toastie machine next time I'm invited out to dinner so I can try my hand at cooking even though there is someone else there doing it officially lol.

Matthias & Zoe were having a great wedding, they both looked so happy together, and they really were a dream to work with.
The shots we took on the famous Harvest Moon log just suited Zoe perfectly, her choice of dress, bare feet, red hair against a grey/blue sky, all made for perfect photos... pop in Matthias and the photos were complete.

The afternoon led into quite a long meal time as our happy couple had planned a "tastes of the world" dinner with many courses, but all in due course we were into the evening festivities and the party in full swing.

I sneaked off around 9pm having had a marvellous day out with a fine couple.

The slideshow is below, showing some highlights of the day, and below that is the link to the full Gallery of photos. Feel free to click "buy now" to keep me in new camera gear :)

The full Gallery of photos... https://gwsphotography.shootproof.com/gallery/zoematthias/

And once more.... here's to Zoe & Matthias !



Photo comment By Robin Burns: Great record of a fabulous occasion, so pleased to be there and thanks for the memories! You've captured the feeling of it all marvellously.

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